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Gothic and cute art prints and stickers

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Writing, photography, and a little bit of everything else
Dear_ Hell.jpg

A golden line from the left over rum 

circles the bottom of the
tall see-through glass

that was nestled within your 

hands on the kitchen table.


Flashes of memories, 

of the nights coming home to 

a home-cooked meal 

made by your lover

then while eating, 

you two tried to imagine 

what the old 90's style kitchen 

would look like

once you were finished renovating it. 

Violet Stings.png

“You have to have a crush on someone.”
They all said.

It was the number #1 rule on the playground;
everyone has a crush.

Eyes wondered over twisted metal and scattered woodchips.

Faces blurred together, voices drifted.

Who do I find cute? The thought skipped and blended into another.

No one because no boy caught my eye.

Short Stories (1).png

“Have you died?” She asked while looking at the blue summer sky.

He looked at her questioning. “No, if I did then I wouldn’t be here.”

“No, I don’t mean the whole heart stopping, lungs feeling on fire because you can’t breathe. I’m talking about being dead while you’re still alive. How vision blurs at the edges, colours lost their hue. How you count your breaths wondering if one day you’ll simply forget.”

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About Me 

Hello and welcome, I'm Rachel 

I’m a cat enthusiast, gay artist, heavy rock and metal music lover, and a lover of anything gothic/witchy. I use she/her pronouns and everyone is welcomed here.

I also almost forgot I love coffee. I normally have hot coffee in the morning and if I’m doing a shift at my retail job, I would be drinking ice coffee, even if it’s the dead of winter (and yes, some of my coworkers thinks I’m crazy for doing that)

I’m a highly creative individual who loves writing – poetry, short stories and novels (plus, I’ve written a couple fan fictions in the past that are still up on and Wattpad) I also love taking photography – Nature and the ocean is my specialty and of course art as well – drawing, painting, and digital art


An ode to creativity originally started as a blog where I would document my publishing journey as I self published a poetry collection called Violet Strings. However, because the poetry collection was about me figuring out my sexuality, it became apparent that I wouldn’t be able to publish it due to my family. So, I scrapped the publishing journey and decided to post it on my blog for free.  

Then I decided to turn my blog into a place where I could post everything and anything I was creating at the moment. After awhile I rediscovered my passion for art and that’s when I started my Etsy shop where I sell art prints and stickers.

If I had to sum up my style and what I post, it would have to be a mix of gothic/witchy and acute or pastel elements.


Want another way to support me, you can always buy me a coffee for a $1. 

Don't have any money, that's fine too. Any support means so much to me, whether you like my posts, follow me or maybe you are a lurker.  I appreciate anything and everything you do, thank you. 

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